Meet Your Creative Marketing Team

Tony Downing

Creative Director

When you have a knack for creative thinking it pays to employ yourself.

Tony did just that twenty years ago, and has been exploiting his own talents for the benefit of his clients ever since.

Tony is packed full of good ideas, like a book with more pages than spine allows — although he’d say he’s probably more of an iPad. He is unmatched in his ability to use these ideas to bring strategic success to our clients. Tony brings an energy to every job, and it is infectious.

Whether your business is old and tired, or a new venture, he has a way of breathing new life into your brand to bring you success.

Megan Dayman

Account Manager

Living in several different countries has given Megan an unconventional accent. If you call up and find yourself talking to Keanu Reeves and Queen Elizabeth’s love-child, that will be Megan.

Megan and her husband Fraser escaped to New Zealand from the UK seeking a lifestyle change. Starting in California, Megan has travelled around the world to make Nelson her home. She has worked on some of the world’s biggest brands and is now an important part of the Downing team.

She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we are excited for the value that she will bring to our client’s businesses.

Joseph Norris

Graphic Designer

Joseph’s love of good design is matched only by his love of cheap pizza.

Joseph is a vortex of good ideas. His work exemplifies his strategic thinking and creative process. His utility belt of skills include illustration, brand design, and walking like a robot.

We’re almost certain Joseph’s veins are filled with ink and pencil lead, it sounds unhealthy, but is essential to creating great results from beginning to end.

When Joseph isn’t at Downing he is juggling his two children, drawing pictures or eating pepperoni pizza.

Sarah Thomas

Graphic Designer

If there was ever a fairy-godmother of design, it would be Sarah Thomas.

She has the uncommon skill of turning worn and dusty logos into well-crafted, inspiring company brands. We believe she is arguably one of the best graphic designers in New Zealand, and are often pleasantly surprised by her uncanny ability to produce consistently amazing work.

Before studying at Auckland University, Sarah went by the name ‘La Gata de Lucha’ in the underground world of over-sized midget wrestling.

Sarah is meticulous. We know this because she once ate beetroot soup without getting a single pink drop on her top. How is that even possible?! It defies reason.

David Donaldson

Web Developer

We have an unspoken game in the office which entails giving David ridiculously difficult coding jobs — just
to see how far we can push him.

He answers every time with, “I can do that,” leaving him the undefeated winner of the game.

David is fast, competent and reliable. It should also be mentioned that he has a lovely singing voice — which seems to sneak in whenever there is a break in the office music play list.

David learnt some pretty handy skills while studying Website Development, including making hard-core websites, addictive apps and how to get on the NSA’s security terrorist watch-list.

Vanessa Downing

Customer Service and Office Manager

There are a few people in the world who have the inherent gift of wooing everybody they meet—Vanessa Downing is one of these rare people.

This natural ability to connect with people is vital to Downing producing remarkable work. She produces results because she understands your clients needs and can effectively relay that into promotion advertising.

Vanessa brings energy and life to every project she works on, being an enthusiastic optimist, working with her can be a real treat.

It should also be mentioned that she is a fantastic entertainer. Whether it’s small talk around a hot cuppa, or performing Abba hits to crowds around the country — Vanessa is undeniably an exciting person to be around.

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