Difference between logo and brand

I have been thinking about defining the difference between logo and brand… Here’s a few thoughts …

If you were to liken the difference between logo and brand to a person then ‘brand’ would be the mind of the person and ‘logo’ would be the clothes they wear.

The mind contains the emotions, values and identity that make person unique. Great businesses are able to define their business and products at this level. Knowing who you are as a business allows you to tell a unique brand story about your strengths that will help you stand out in the market place and stand up to the competition.

The clothes a person wears says a lot about the person, are they young, old, vibrant or conservative. Are they work clothes, a fashion statement or a clothes for having fun in. Clothes say a lot about the person wearing them so should a logo. A successful logo is the visual expression of the unique values of a business or product or service.

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