I Can’t See Your Website!

If your business website can’t be viewed easily on a mobile device, as an iPhone user – I Can’t See It! – nor can the 800,000 other adult New Zealanders who own and use a smartphone.

Everyday, hundreds of thousands of smartphone users check the news, share information, do their banking and surf the net on phones and other mobile devices. But frankly, websites that display only in desktop-computer format are really not worth the effort to visit. These sites are tiny onscreen and trying to zoom in or fill out forms, is just too hard.  It’s faster and easier to switch to a competitors’ site that is smartphone friendly – one with responsive website design.

Responsive websites display differently according to the device it’s viewed on, without having to build multiple websites. The dimensions of the webpage adjusts to fit, and page layout alters to suit each device’s display capabilities. If you don’t know if your site is smartphone user-friendly, it’s probably time to find out.

Here’s a free tool that will show you how your current site displays on a smartphone.

Here are two examples that show how responsive web design adapts to each device but still ‘feels’ the same to customers wherever they view it:





If your website can’t do what those websites can, then on a smartphone – I Can’t See It! 

In January this year one third of visitors to TradeMe went there using a mobile device. That’s a shift in online habits that no one could have predicted even 18 months ago. Nor is it just a ‘mobile’ habit. According to Statistics NZ, 34% of NZ adults will choose their smartphone over a desktop computer for online browsing – even when they’re at home.

And here’s a real biggie: Google recommends responsive websites. Why? Because responsive sites offer a better experience to more viewers.  So much so that online shoppers on mobile devices are 67% more likely to make a purchase or request a service if the site they go to is responsive to their device.

What to do?

Existing sites over five years old
No-doubt you’ve been considering a website upgrade anyhow. Make sure that working with someone who fully understands how to create truly-responsive website design is a top priority.  Ask to see examples of responsive sites they’ve created.

Newer sites
If your website design is still fresh and the site is otherwise performing well, find out whether yours is a design that will easily convert to a responsive web design format.

Websites vary a lot so there’s no one rule, but at the very least you should be able to transfer your existing content and images into the new site.

Free Assessment
Downing Design offers to assess your current website and advise what it will take to make it responsive.  We can also give you a price to make the conversion – it may not be as expensive as you think.

So, if making your site user-friendly to customers on mobile devices is important to your business goals, please contact us as soon as you can.

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  1. Mark Rais says:

    This is an outstanding promotion as it is very important to convey this now that Google is ranking websites lower if they do not support responsive!


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