Should you be advertising online?

What is online advertising?

Online advertising is an ad on a website encouraging a person to click on the ad, onced clicked the ad leads to a specific webpage. The most popular types of online ads are the following:

– Search engine advertising, like Google AdWords: These ads appear alongside search results when you use a search engine. Displayed ads are generated primarily on keywords people are searching.

– Social media advertising, like Facebook ads: These ads appear when you are using a social media site, and the types of ads displayed are determined by the information input into n individual’s social media account.

– Banner ads, like on These ads are often animated, and occupy the large banner along the top of a website or other assigned places on the page.


Why should you advertise online?

Advertising is most effective if it is noticed by the target audience; if your target audience is online then you need to be advertising online. With the rise of new entertainment and information streams online, and the decline of traditional media, people are increasingly turning to the Internet. If you are not currently advertising online, ask yourself ‘Am I missing an opportunity to communicate with my target audience?’


What benefits does online advertising offer that is different from traditional media?

Online advertising offers powerful tools to target your ads, in quite different ways than traditional advertising (newspaper, radio, etc.). Depending on the type of online advertising that is appropriate for your business you can target your ads specific to location, age, sex, interests, keywords they are searched and a number of other factors – all can influence how your ads are displayed.


Online advertising also gives you comprehensive reports and tracking systems, so you can see how people are interacting with your ads, at what times, from what locations, etc. This gives you the ability to tailor your ads, and improve their relevancy and performance.


What are the costs involved in advertising online?

Costs can be customised – you decide your budget and how you want it allocated. Most online advertising campaigns debit your budget when someone clicks on your ad. This means that you only pay when people who are interested in your product or service interact with your ad. This is different than the traditional scattergun approach of traditional media where an ad is distributed across a large area in the hope that your target audience is paying attention. Online advertising means only those who are interested and interacting with your ad are costing you money.


The ‘cost per click’ is determined by a number of factors including the level of competition for specific keywords and the budget you choose. We typically suggest a monthly budget starting from $300 for a single campaign, with an average 60c – $1 per click.


What makes a good online ad?

Know your target audience, get their attention creatively (our speciality!), make them a good offer, and motivate them to take action – this all determines a good ad whether it is online or elsewhere. With online advertising the path a person takes when they click on an ad needs to be considered – it doesn’t make sense to set up an online advertising campaign and then confuse your customer with an obscure landing page. Carefully consider what page you send your customer to and don’t expect them to take too many steps to reach the desired destination.


If you’d like to find out more about online advertising and how it can help your business then please give us a call today on 03 539 0003, and we can discuss with you how we can help you to get involved.

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