Tips To Boost Your Brand. Beware of Brand Drift – Part 1.

Consistency is the cornerstone to building a great brand. One simple test to see if you are communicating your brand consistently is to grab all your stationery, print out your email footer, website home page, grab a snapshot of your signs (building and vehicles) print and online ads, and anything else where your brand is represented. Then put them all on the table and stand back and check that your logo, font/s and style are all the same across the table. The results may surprise you.

When we do this exercise with new clients the results can be a wake up call. Most businesses end up with brand drift over time. Small changes creep in and before you know every point where your brand is represented is slightly different. The risk is that you end up with weak branding that gets ignored and reduces your presence in the marketplace. Every item that carries your brand is another opportunity to build your brand. Is it time for a tabletop review?

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