A hearty website and logo upgrade

We worked with Top of the South Cardiology to redesign their logo and website. It was a process that started by looking at what values they wanted to portray with their logo – this included precision and professionalism. The final logo icon is a stylised ‘C’, being the first letter of cardiology, which is made up of a series of fine lines. These fine lines reflect the precision needed in cardiology work, and they weave together emphasising the team at Top of the South Cardiology. The woven lines also evoke imagery of a stent.

When designing the website we wanted it to have a clean and professional feel, and so incorporated a lot of white space, which also emphasised the imagery of the top of the South Island. The website is a CMS website, so the client is able to make updates to the text, imagery and News themselves. Overall the website is uncluttered and straightforward to use, with information on common heart issues, procedures and prices.



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