Advertising with promise

Recently we have put together a number of promotional items for Nelson Honey, including posters detailing their honey products, a Next magazine ad for their Royal Nectar bee venom face cream, and DLE flyers promoting the benefits of using Royal Nectar.

With the Next magazine ad, we created two bold promises as headlines to grab the reader’s attention – “Stimulates collagen, reduces wrinkles”. We also used the honey dipper image from the Nelson Honey honey products advertising, as the flowing, smooth look of the honey is a nice visual metaphor for soft, youthful skin.

For the posters that advertise the Nelson Honey honey products, the headline on each page uses the font Homestead, which looks like a picnic rug pattern or jam jar lid. The benefits of each product are in a hand-written font, with arrows pointing to the product. All of these elements work together and emphasise that these products contain all the goodness and character of a homemade honey.

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