Ban ugly and build beauty!

Last week I was driving back to our office in Nelson when I saw the Richmond Auto Courtesy vehicle pulling out of the Shell service station. Just beyond was the Zumo sign in front of their new location, in McCashin’s Brewery; and coming the other way was the Nelson School of Music vehicle with the Winter Festival promotion all over it.  We have designed all three items and am proud to say we have been involved in doing so.  I think they look beautiful.

Great design makes life better for everyone who connects with it.  It’s all about making our world a beautiful place. Its about beautiful ideas, beautiful systems, beautiful products and beautiful graphics. It’s the sort of beauty that attracts people to want to connect with it rather than driving them.  It’s the sort of beauty that I’m happy to pay more for. I buy Apple Computers because they are beautiful to look at and to use.  I will choose the store that presents itself better than the one next to it.  The logo that is fresh and appealing is always going to win over the one that looks homemade and tired.

Every business produces loads of communication pieces in a year so lets make them beautiful and make our world a better place.

By Tony Downing

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