BeeZest – 100% Manuka Honey Lozenges

BeeZest is the fantastic new product by ZeaZest Limited, and we have been working with them to create a logo and package design. BeeZest are 100% Manuka Honey lozenges, prepared in a way that doesn’t lose any of the natural benefits and nutrients.

The logo icon is made from honeycomb sections, using the typical bee colour scheme of yellow and black. Because BeeZest provides a natural immune system booster, we were very deliberate about creating a shield as the icon using the honeycomb hexagons. We also found the right colour balance of yellow that suggests warmth and freshness.

With the packaging we worked hard to reach a subtle balance between a medicinal looking product and retaining the warmth around the brand. It needed to visually communicate that this is not only a great natural product you can take everyday, but it is full of health benefits. BeeZest lozenges are available now from

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