Building Art in Nelson

This year we were proud to put together the 2010 Nelson Arts Festival programme. As with previous years, the cover design is always a chance to try new ideas and find a new way to communicate what the festival is all about.

We wanted this year’s cover to convey the tension of live performance and the theatrical experience. When you go to a theatre, music or dance show, you go knowing that everything could fall apart and everything could go wrong – but it doesn’t. Great shows have this tension in perfect balance: how big can it be and how far can it go before everything tips over the edge?

The different coloured boxes, lit from within, relay the technical beauty of live performance. The slick font, and a progression of colours, conveys the rehearsed, planned and professional element evident in the acts within the programme. But the boxes are teetering, and the image is slightly blurred. This is the tension of theatrical performance made reality.

Everything could go wrong – everything could stop – everything could fall apart – but it doesn’t.

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