Capturing the shopping atmosphere in Nelson City

The Nelson City Guide is out and filled with shopping that is on offer in Nelson City. Produced by Uniquely Nelson and designed for the first time by Downing Design, we aimed to capture the unique experience of shopping in our beautiful city. With images in our mind of sun-drenched paving stones, steaming lattés and hanging flower baskets, we set to work to produce imagery that would capture Nelson City’s shopping personality.

We settled on a collection of colourful circles, each depicting a different aspect of shopping in Nelson City. Placed on a white background, these coloured circles stand out as a mosaic of shopping in Nelson City. Along with with the shocking pink headline, this little booklet packs a punch.

We worked closely with Uniquely Nelson to bring a sense of space and flow to the book, with clearly colour coordinated sections to show where you are when reading it, and just enough white space so you don’t find the text overwhelming.

For more information visit the Uniquely Nelson website.

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