Celebrating the Adventure of Summer in Nelson!

The Summer in Nelson 2012/13 programme is finally out after we have been working on it for the past three months, and is a fresh, vibrant collection of events and activites to get involved in this summer. Here is the process we went through to come up with the imagery and design of this year’s booklet.

The final booklet depicts a group of children enjoying an adventure through Nelson, visiting each of the Summer in Nelson Festival events and activities. With the children is a large orange octopus, who became our version of “Where’s Wally?”. We are really happy with how the final book came out.

Stage One – Inspiration

First we put together mood boards that captured the emotion that we wanted the Summer in Nelson booklet to communicate. We wanted to carry on the illustration style from last year, but develop some characters that would take us on the adventure. We found images that had characters we found engaging, illustrations we felt were appropriate to what we were trying to achieve, as well as colours and textures that were interesting. We also put together a typography mood board, seeing how different styles could work with images, and how that created different atmospheres. The mood boards gave us the confidence and clarity to know what we wanted to communicate.


Stage Two – Sketching Ideas

The key of this part of the process was to find characters that would be engaging, dynamic and be flexible in how they could fit into the different events. We also were looking for a cover image that would really capture the adventure of summer in Nelson. Out of the process we created three children characters, who visit each event in a different way, from a cardboard box, giant moas, and even a hot air balloon (this mode of transportation ended up getting cut). With them is a large orange octopus, who is often seen eating or drinking, and is a bit of a joker. With these four characters we had a great base to build the different ideas on for each of the events.


Stage Three – Storyboarding

Once the characters have been created we moved into one of the most important stages: storyboarding. This process involves coming up with ideas for each event that are different from previous years, while still capturing summer in Nelson. We wanted to show the characters enjoying the adventure of summer, while communicating the experience of attending each event.


Stage Four – Drawing for each Event

From the storyboards we then drew specific illustrations for each event. These illustrations were then scanned, and then layered with colours and textures on computer.


Stage Five – Final Programme

Once we had the illustrations, we then designed the layout of the content. The overall layout is clean and typography clear; the underlying grid is a classic three column layout. The book was printed on uncoated paper that gave the programme a tactile feel, as well as that great story book smell!

Summer-in-Facebook4 Summer-in-Facebook3 Summer-in-Facebook2



For more information on Summer in Nelson visit their website.

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