Creating a new name for a pet store: Urban Tails

Recently we worked with Urban Tails Pet Store, in coming up with their new pet store name. The store is in the centre of Richmond, Nelson, and provides various supplies for pets, raw pet food and pets themselves. In coming up with their new name, we started with the whole team having a brainstorm on what would be a good name for a pet store. We came up with a list of about 50 potential names, from “Furry Friends” to “Heavenly Creatures”.

Once we had our initial ideas, we then culled the ideas that definitely wouldn’t work. From this list, we presented the best ideas to the client, and they took the various names to their team. After a bit of conversation between ourselves, and who were to be Urban Tails, a name was settled on.

The name suggests the location of the pet store, as well as suggesting the tails of pets. It is also a pun on the phrase “Urban Tales”, which echoes the fact that people who visit the store always have a story to tell about their pet – it is a place for pet owners who cherish the experience of having a pet. Once the name was settled on, we jumped into the design of the logo.

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