Improve your online presence with these 5 thoughts!

Today it is more likely that people will bump into you online before they actually meet you in person.  Your online brand and communication is likely to be the first experience customers have with you, and you know what they say about first impressions.

Your online promotion is the front line, fail here and you fail – full stop. With this in mind how do you present yourself on online?  Is your website the warm and inviting face of your business or is it a distant and vague stranger?

5 thoughts on making your first impression the best

1. Visual attraction – Does your website look beautiful and alluring? Does it make you feel good within the first seconds of arriving? Are the colours you use in tune with the personality of your brand?  If you want to create trust and reliability use blue tones, if you want to create energy and excitement go for warm colours. If you use photos of yourself online are they natural and relaxed or are they stuffy and rigid. Does you social media and blog represent your brand in the best possible way with appropriate background images and graphics?  Or does your site look like a cheap template with average photography from an offshore photo library?

2. Clarity – is the communication clear and concise.  Do visitors know within seconds what the site is all about?  Are the fonts easy to read?  Are there clear directions of what to do next?

3. Authenticity – it’s vital, try and loose the corporate voice.  Approachable and friendly writing wins over dry monotone, business babble.

4. Relationship rules – The web is becoming more about relationship than it is about selling. Make sure you allow room in your online promotion to welcome discussion.

5. Trust – the foundation of all great relationships.   How do you create and build trust? Use customer comments online.  Some businesses even let the negative comments stay on their web sites as it shows honesty.  It is also an opportunity to show how you dealt with the negative experience in a positive way.

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