Intepeople rebranded – should you? (Intepeople Part 1)

Does your business name reflect what you offer? Does it reflect who you are? Does it communicate the value you bring to your  customers?

We often get asked ‘should I rebrand?’ and the reasons behind a rebrand can vary. In October last year the team at Intepeople came to us with the task of delivering a complete brand overhaul for the business. Why? They recognised that the name, logo and creative communication of the company no longer accurately reflected their business.

In the first of a three part blog covering rebranding, we’ll show you the thinking behind the process, try to help you understand why businesses rebrand and give you the information you need to decide if rebranding is what your business needs to take you where you want to go.

FB Butterfly
An image developed to hint at the rebrand when Intepeople was still Fanselow Bell.

Previously Fanselow Bell, (the names of the company’s two directors at the time), the  brand was known predominantly for recruitment services.

Creating a new name

The first step in the rebrand was to create a new name. The name needed to reflect their services, the added value they offer to clients, be relevant to a national audience, and capture the culture of the business.

Our work was cut out for us.

Whiteboard with sticky notes – from our workshop with the team at Intepeople.

We held a workshop with the Intepeople staff finding out their views about their business, what unique services they offered, and why they loved coming to work every day. Using sticky notes, a white board, and copious amounts of jellybeans, the group came up with insightful answers.

From this we outlined their key values as a business, as well as the reason they come to work every day: “Better people make better businesses, better people make better communities and better people make a better world.”

Or put simply: “Better people make a better world!”

Some of the different names created for Intepeople.

The name ‘Intepeople’ was chosen: as it communicated their services, Integrated Human Resources; it includes the word people, the core value of their business; and when spoken has the double meaning of being “into people”. Also, it was a name that was available as a and .com website address.

Logo design

The first step in the design of the logo was to create mood boards – large sheets of carefully selected images to try and capture the visual identity we wanted the logo to communicate. From the mood boards we then developed logo concepts.

Mood boards created for Intepeople, identifying that there was a gap in the market for a human resource consulting business to be branded red.

Some of the logo icon ideas during development.

Sketched black and white version of the Intepeople logo. Human Resource Consultants was chosen as a tagline, as it clearly identified the services offered by the abstractly named Intepeople.

The final Intepeople logo.

Meaning behind the logo

The final Intepeople logo’s main icon is made of 12 irregular shapes that fit together to form an octagon – a metaphor for Intepeople’s fully integrated service. It recognises that businesses are not all the same and that Intepeople provide tailor-made solutions. The icon is also a complete puzzle showing Intepeople’s ability to provide brighter thinking.

The icon is a many faceted jewel and the angles show Intepeople’s ability to look at problems in many different ways, and come up with an integrated solution. It also has a 3-D quality that again reinforces Intepeople’s ability to look at a problem from many different perspectives.

The overall shape is an octagon (eight-sided shape). This iconic symetrical shape is distinctive and is almost circular. Circles are the most appealing logo shape for the eyes and suggest strength, unity and holistic cohesion.

The key colour is red supported by oranges and yellows. These colours are distinctive, vibrant and full of life. Red is a heart colour, referring to the work of Intepeople as being focussed on the hearts and minds of people. It makes a statement about the brand personality and also the culture of Intepeople.

Read about how this logo was rolled out across a range of promotional items.

Read about the Intepeople interior design and external signage.

“We are completely satisfied with the end result and feel we have in partnership developed a brand that fulfilled our desires. We commend Tony, Jeremy and the team on the delivery of the final product.” Julie Baxendine, General Manager, Intepeople Human Resource Consultants

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