Interior design and external signage (Intepeople Part 3)

After rebranding Intepeople and creating a range of promotional items, we looked at Intepeople’s interior design and signage. As Intepeople moved into a new building as part of their rebrand,  we had the unique opportunity to incorporate the new branding into the interior design.

3D model of the new office

Because the building was still under construction, we created a 3D model of the planned interiors in Google Sketch Up (based on the  architects’ floor plans), so that everyone could easily visualise the areas requiring signage and other items of design.


3D mockup of the entrance banner, as viewed from the stairwell.


3D mockup of the entrance doors with frosted glass.


3D mockup of the foyer, showing wall mounted 3D lettering and branded soft furnishings.


3D mockup of the foyer, showing the feature wall.

Actual interiors and external signage

From the 3D mockups and the design files, the interior design elements and signage were rolled out through the building.

Banner in the Intepeople stairwell.

Frosted glass entranceway looking through into the foyer (during Christmas).

Wall mounted 3D brandmark in the foyer.

The foyer at Intepeople, with the feature wall, profile booklets and rack cards displayed.

Tailor-made cushions with Intepeople branding rendered in appliqué. 


Intepeople Managing Director Paul Bell outside the newly branded premises in Whitby House.

Boardroom table centrepiece

A feature of the boardroom is the custom-made boardroom table with branded centrepiece. This 3 dimensional piece is sculpted from wood and painted with a automotive paint finish.


intepeople-table-centre-piece-top intepeople-table-centre-piece

table centre piece - C

3D mockups of the boardroom table centrepiece.


The final centrepiece of the boardroom table, a 3D rendering of the Intepeople  icon under glass.

“We are completely satisfied with the end result and feel we have, in partnership ,developed a brand that fulfilled our desires. We commend Downing Design on the delivery of the final product.” Julie Baxendine, General Manager, Intepeople Human Resource Consultants

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