Just Get Started

What do I put in my first Blog entry on the new web site?  It’s a big question but its a bit like every creative project you get involved in.  You always start with a big scary piece of blank paper, or blank computer screen, you launch off into a 1000 ideas and then bam! the big one hits you and you ride off into the sunset of creative oblivion…right? Well not always, most often idea generation is just plain hard work. So how do you get started?  Something that I’m asked quite regularly ‘how do you keep on thinking up new ideas?’  That always feels like a complement and I must admit I don’t always have a slick answer. However there are some things that I do to keep the ideas flowing.

Just get started!

Procrastination is one of the biggest creative killers.  The old saying ‘the journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step’ is true here.  Just get off your butt and get writing or drawing.  Discipline and creativity sound like opposites but they are better friends than we think. The way to beat procrastination is the discipline getting your self into a creative space and start working.  I recently read the biography of Joan Miro the great Spanish artist.  He produced some wacky, whimsical and playful paintings in his lifetime and one of the things that he was known for was his discipline and hard work.  He considered painting to be work, he kept regular hours in his studio and kept that discipline for his whole life. Sure some ideas come as a flash of inspiration but usually because you’ve a lot of thinking work before hand.

By Tony Downing

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