Creating an image that successfully conveys the depth and variety of the Nelson City experience is no mean feat – but just the kind of challenge our creatives thrive on. When Uniquely Nelson commissioned us to work with them on their winter shopping promotion it was essential to generate a look  that represented all of their member businesses but came across as a single, powerful Nelson City offer.

The Nelson City Style campaign created by Downing Design met the brief perfectly – bringing together the city’s offer of delivering fashion, jewellery, galleries, cafes, variety stores, beauty, restaurants, speciality foods, health supplies, book stores, sports, recreation, electronics, bars and entertainment all in one place. Using snappy white silhouettes over a crimson, carmine red, Nelson City Style promotions had exactly the eye popping, bang for your buck, singular statement qualities needed to punch through a successful winter shopping campaign. With the theme carried over into Free Parking Tuesdays, Nelson City Style promotions 2013 were hard to miss, and impossible to ignore.

Congratulations to Cathy Madigan and Uniquely Nelson for a great promotion, and to our own Downing Design team for coming through with a campaign that delivered real value and genuine marketing clout.

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