Nelson Snippets of History

Last year we worked with Marsden House and Arch Barclay to produce the second volume of Snippets of History, small segments of Nelson history in an easy to read booklet. This 80-page booklet compiles the transcripts from the Generations of Nelson audio clips that have been airing on the Radio Network, complete with historical photos and documents. We wanted to make this second volume of the Snippets of History easier to read and navigate than the first volume, by spacing out the text and images more, with a simple layout design.

We also put together Snippets of History on CD, compiled from the radio. This is a great companion to both volumes one and two of the printed Snippets of History. We really enjoyed reading through, listening, editing and organising these small moments of Nelson’s history, and leaernt a lot in the process. If you are interested in buying any of the Snippets of History yourself, get in touch with Marsden House or the Radio Network.

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