Opening the door to happiness – Campaign case study

Left: internal promotions – pullup banner, signs and badges, top right: brand advertising – Property Weekly, bottom right: Sales promotion – Direct Mail and newspaper ads.

Downing Design has been working with Watson for some years helping them to develop their brand and communicate to homeowners in Palmerston North. The logo, slogan and overall look for Watson were developed with Downing Design a few years ago.  2011 offered the opportunity to revisit the brand and to add some new energy to it.

Workshops were held with owners and team members to develop the focus for Watson’s promotional direction.  The Phrase ‘Opening the Door to Happiness’ was settled on as the ultimate value that their service offers clients.  It was decided to base future promotion around this value.

Downing Design set to work developing creative advertising ideas that would promote this idea to the Watson team, clients and prospective clients.

Internal marketing
The first step was to promote the concept to Watson team members. Workshops were held with all Watson staff to get them on board before the promotion was launched.  Around launch date team members were shouted an end of week function, given lapel badges, stickers, and screen savers with happiness quotes on to brighten their day and remind them about the new focus.  At the function they were briefed about the campaign and how they could add value to the promotion.

Brand advertising to the public
The next step was to launch the promotion to the public. This was achieved by decorating the Watson offices with banners and window signs; adding the slogan to email footers, property weekly banners and anywhere else we could add the slogan.

A third phase was to launch the brand advertising that added more meaning to the slogan.  Advertising was created that used quotes from a variety of people saying how Watson made their lives happier, this was then placed in the Property Weekly.

Ongoing sales promotion
The campaign continues with promotional events that reinforce Watson’s purpose – that they are here to make people’s lives happier. Prior to Christmas 2011 a promotion that gave away hams to a number of Palmerston North residents was a great success.  Another simple promotion was a Christmas card with the happiness theme integrated into it, which was also well received.

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