Oyster Hatchery Opening Invitation

Recently Cawthron asked us to produce an invitation to the opening of their new Oyster Hatchery.  We had a lovely open brief to create something a bit different.  We came up with 2 ideas that were accepted and we ended incorporating both of them in the final mailing.  The first was a die cut card that when closed had a picture of an oyster and the words ‘Open’ and in brackets below ‘shuck’. The card opens to reveal the invitation.  The other part of the invitation was 6 life-sized die cut oysters with interesting facts on the back bound with twine.  The event was a huge success with lots of positive feedback on the invite. In the week leading up to the event when I was meeting with some of our clients I spotted a few of the invitations sitting proudly on their desks.  It just goes to show a clever invite cuts through the clutter and goes a long way to getting people there.

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