Redesigning the New Zealand Hops logo

Recently we redesigned the logo for New Zealand Hops. The company is based in Nelson and is the only supplier of hops in New Zealand. Their existing logo was blue, red and yellow, with the word ‘HOPS’ superimposed over an illustration of a hop; and the words ‘New Zealand’ in the outer ring of the logo. The other elements in the initial logo were decided not to be used in the new logo.

In our discussions we talked about the new logo portraying the clean, green, 100% New Zealand brand message. International buyers of New Zealand Hops are after unique and fresh flavoured hops for their beers.

The first step was to take the words New Zealand out of the outer ring and make it as clear as the word HOPS. The icon is a stylised map of New Zealand, made up of growing hops and vines, complete with Stewart Island, Christchurch and Farewell Spit. We chose a bright and vibrant green for the logo colour, emphasizing the fresh, clean, pure environment of New Zealand.

Below you can see a comparison of the previous logo and their new logo comparison. Click here to see some of the applications for the logo.

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