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Royal Nectar – nature’s answer to Botox

Nelson Honey needed a product brand name and design, so we have helped them develop Royal Nectar. These creams are “nature’s answer to botox”, as they use small quantities of bee venom to tighten and smooth the skin. With media coverage on Close Up, their bee venom is being used in face masks by the likes of Kate Middleton, Camilla Duchess of Cornwell and singer Dannii Minogue.

In developing the two labels, we were conscious about choosing rich colours to emphasise the word “Royal” in the product name. Embellished on the side is a drawing of a Manuka flower, which links into the Active Manuka Honey ingredient in the creams. Along with the label we designed a carton that had to present the Royal Nectar pottle in an attractive way. To add interest we designed the lid of the carton with a diagonal die-cut.  To add texture we designed an embossed honeycomb pattern on the lid. The overall look is simple and elegant, sitting well with other beauty products.


We also produced a range of promotional materials, including a DLE flyer, posters and a Next magazine ad. With the Next magazine ad we created two bold promises as headlines to grab the reader’s attention – “Stimulates collagen, reduces wrinkles”. We also used the honey dipper image from the Nelson Honey honey products advertising, as the flowing, smooth look of the honey is a nice visual metaphor for soft, youthful skin.


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