Websites & Digital

We focus on creating websites that capture a visitors attention and leads them to take action. Whether it is a revamp, rebuild or starting from scratch we can help you every step of the way to help build a successful website.

A website designed by Downing offers your business a channel to communicate with your customers every moment of the day, anywhere in the world, on multiple devices, in a very cost effective way.  If you’re looking for a website revamp or a completely new website built from scratch, we’ll guide you through the process of developing an outstanding website that achieves your objectives.

Companies and organisations have a variety of aims for their websites; these we can identify and discuss at the initial stages of website planning and design.

An overview of our process

  • Discovery

    This is the research phase. We meet with you to discuss your objectives for the website: the types of customers that you ‘re aiming to reach; the kind of values that you most want to represent; the products or services you sell; the unique benefits you offer to customers ; and your existing ideas or investment in your company or organizations look, colour choices and imagery.

  • Strategy

    We then compile this information into an overview and prepare a plan on how your website should be structured. At this stage we consider and identify:  the best platform on which to build the site; the key messages that need to be conveyed; and the content that needs to be developed.  Once these decisions are made you’ll be presented with a strategy document setting out how the site is intended to operate and perform. This is also where we can start to gather content in the form of words and images.

  • Design

    Our designers work to create the unique look for the site and determine how visitors will navigate around the site. You’ll be presented with concepts for approval at this stage.

  • Construction

    This involves turning concepts into actual web pages. It may mean setting up databases to manage information, setting up a Content Management System (CMS) so you can update the website yourself, or creating special code to perform tailor-made functions. This is the more technical side of website development. At the outcome of this stage you’ll have  fully developed site, for your eyes only, to test and approve.

  • Transfer

    This is the point where the site goes live online.  At this stage we can also provide training for yourself or staff  learn how to update the site, if you have chosen this option. Anyone can do it.

  • Review

    We check the website for the month following it going live to ensure it is performing as intended and working to maximum potential.

Website design that makes every second count

When a visitor comes to your website they’re there because they’ve chosen to be. At this point they’ve given you permission to talk to them . That’s a privilege we understand and respect. What happens in those few seconds when they ‘re looking at your homepage is vital to the sucess of your website. Is there enough on your website to make them stay?

Is your offer strong enough for them to make the next steps to buying your product or service? This is where we can help you to create a website that will work to grow your business. We ‘ve been developing websites since 1996 and over that time we’ve created a process of building websites that ensures our clients get the best results from their web investment.

Responsive Web Design

Don’t get a website some of your clients can’t see! Ask us about building you a responsive website.

SEO that’s effective

We helped Olive Estate increase traffic from 20 visits per week to over 100

Web marketing and search engine optimisation (seo)

Building a great web site is one thing but getting it noticed and well visited is even more important. Every business is different and so is their marketing. Downing Design can help develop strategies to get your website noticed. Contact us today to find out how we can help with web marketing and SEO.

Website hosting and domain name registration

Downing Design offer a complete Internet package for your organisation.  The advantage is that you can deal with one trusted company to deliver your email and web hosting, web design and marketing service.

We offer website hosting with two gigabytes of bandwidth, one gigabyte of storage space, email accounts and databases. You also get an admin area where you can check your web statistics and do many other things such as setting up email accounts. Website hosting starts at $30 per month plus GST.

Domain name registration starts at $60 per year plus GST.

Contact us today to find out about web hosting and domain name registration.